La Quinta Police Department
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Tuesday, July 16

Crime Prevention Community Service Officer


Reflecting the La Quinta Sheriff Department's commitment to "Community Oriented Policing", the position of the Crime Prevention Officer was established to serve as a Crime Prevention Officer and the Community Coordinator for the citizens and businesses.

The officer assigned to serve as Crime Prevention Officer has been recognized as having strong skills in interpersonal relationships, planning and organization, research and analysis, writing and composition, as well as being comfortable in public speaking. Based on his or her proven work ethic, the Crime Prevention Officer carries out the duties of the assignment with minimum direct supervision.

Duties of the Crime Prevention Officer include tasks such as:

  1. Research and compilation of multiple inter-department monthly reports.
  2. Research and compose law enforcement and safety articles for publication and distribution to the community.
  3. Research and compile statistical reports related to calls for service within specific neighborhoods, gated communities or businesses in the City of La Quinta.
  4. Work cooperatively with concerned citizens to conduct crime prevention programs, community meetings and crime prevention training. Work with concerned neighborhoods to establish Neighborhood Watch programs.
  5. Represent the La Quinta Sheriff Department at community meetings, Homeowners Association meetings, community sponsored safety events and professional organizations.
  6. Serve as a Social Media Administrator to manage the Police Department’s website and Social Media. The Police Departments social media includes Facebook which provides weekly significant activity, safety tips and event information.

Crime Prevention Officer Foster is currently assigned to this position. Please feel free to contact her at 760-863-8990.